Permanent Cosmetics

Angela Smith is a qualified Nouveau Contour Permanent (also known as semi-permanant) & medical make-up consultant and offers a range of services including;

Medical Tattoos and Permanent Cosmetic Enhancements

Positive Image ClinicPermanent Makeup / medical cosmetics is a process of applying micro insertions of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin and is also know as cosmetic tattooing.

Permanent cosmetics would suit and benefit a range of circumstances including:

  • Busy people with little time to apply make-up but want to look their best at all times
  • People with allergies to normal make-up
  • Those physically unable to apply make-up
  • Alopecia sufferers
  • Those with sparse or no eyebrows or lashes
  • Those seeking symmetrical facial features
  • Perfect lips, perfect eyebrows, eyeliner & lashes
  • Medical cosmetic breast treatments such as nipple & areola tattooing
  • Scar & burn relaxing, wrinkle therapy treatment
  • Birth mark camouflage

Lip Definition, Reshape and Reconstruction

Positive Image ClinicWe all want full and soft, sensual lips but age or medical conditions can cause lips to lose their definition, recede and disfigure. This can be corrected by implanting pigment into the dermal layer to restore lost definition and lip symmetry. The lip line is very softly contoured and blushed, creating a new, more pleasing lip shape giving you amazing results.

Lash Enhancement / Eye Liners / Latino Liner

Positive Image ClinicA soft lash enhancement defines your lashes, giving that wide awake look. This procedure sits through your lash line giving you the illusion of longer lashes, your eyes will come to life and shine, bringing back that inner sparkle. To accentuate even more you can simply add a soft eye liner for sultry eyes that pop.

The results can last from 12 months and up to 3 years making this a very cost effective procedure.

Hair Stroke Eyebrow Reshaping / Definition

Positive Image ClinicHair stroke brows is a perfect treatment for people with little or no eyebrows, or maybe you have a scar running through that you just want to permanently disguise. Maybe you just lack definition and shape – with permanent make up you can achieve great uplifting results that help you turn back the clock making you look 10 years younger.

This treatment is also fantastic for alopecia or chemotheraphy patients. You can choose from subtle, soft powder brow, hair stroke simulation or the ’3D brow’ which is a combination of both of these techniques to make a very realistic, high definition brow.

Other Paramedical Treatments

In addition to these treatments, Angela offers a range of paramedical treatments


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