Medical Cosmetics

Nipple & Areola Tattoo / 3D Nipple & Areola Tattoo

Positive Image ClinicIt can be very daunting after having had a mastectomy, for some clients they may opt for a reconstruction of their breast(s) at the same time, whilst for others there may be a delay due to individual circumstances before reconstruction can go ahead.

You may be left without nipples, areola or both. Whilst also helping cover your scarring from your operation.

With the use of pharmaceutical pigments and medical artistry, Angela can reconstruct a new areola, or in some cases where there is no nipple, she can create a new 3D Nipple and Areola which gives you amazing, realistic results. This can help you on your personal recovery journey, enabling you to regain your confidence, taking control to live your life.

Positive Image ClinicAfter having my double breast reconstruction, the very thing that allowed me to move forward was my newly reconstructed nipples. This was followed by a nipple and areola tattoo which gave me complete confidence with my new look. As a women, I felt I had regained my femininity.

I understand the benefits that breast and nipple reconstructions can have and I established the Positive Image Clinic to bring these benefits to everyone. Read more about Angela’s story

Other Medical Cosmetics

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  • Alopecia eyes / eyeliner
  • Cleft lip / lip design & blush / lip reconstruction using permanent cosmetics
  • Vitilligo camouflage
  • M.C.A. (Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation)
  • Scar relaxation, Burns & Scar
  • Wrinkle therapy treatments
  • Tattoo removal
  • Scalp hair loss simulation (small areas only)
  • Scar camouflage

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