Positive Image Clinic Services

The Positive Image Clinic is based in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire and offers a very relaxed welcoming environment for clients. Run by Angela Smith, the private clinic offers pressure-free, one-to-one consultations for anyone with concerns about their appearance. We offer a range of services helping our clients with self image issues whether it be cosmetic or medical reasons.

Angela is a BASC graduate Paramedical Skin Camouflage Practitioner and has personal experience of the effects that medical treatment can have on self esteem. The Positive Image Clinic is the springboard to a new, more confident you.

Hairloss, Wigs, Hair Systems & Toupees

Positive Image ClinicWe understand how hair loss can impact on self-image and offer a range of treatments, hair systems, wigs and toupees for both everyday use and special occasions.
Read more about Wigs & Hair Loss

Permanent Cosmetics

Positive Image ClinicAngela Smith is a qualified Nouveau Contour permanent & medical make-up consultant and offers a range of services including medical tattoos, lip definitions, lash enhancements, hair stroke eyebrow reshaping and other permanent cosmetic enhancements. Read more about Permanent Cosmetics

Medical Cosmetics

Positive Image ClinicWith the use of pharmaceutical pigments and medical artistry, Angela can reconstruct a new areola or in some cases, where there is no nipple, she can create a new 3D mipple and areola which gives an amazing, realistic result. This can help you on your personal recovery journey, enabling you to regain your confidence, taking control to live your life. Read more about Medical Cosmetics

Skin & Beauty

Positive Image ClinicBeauty is more than skin deep but we understand how skin conditions can affect personal outlook. We help our clients with a range of services to restore your skin’s natural beauty. Read more about Skin & Beauty

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To book your own one-to-one appointment please contact the Positive Image Clinic on 01472 604070