Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my new wig last?
Rule of thumb for everyday wear is approximately 6 months.

Do you recommend having my new wig cut?
Most wigs will need customising to suit your face, this way making your wig more natural, wigs tend to have 30% – 40% too much hair in them.

Can any stylist cut my wig (synthetic wigs)?
We recommend that your wig is customised by a stylist who is experienced in wig shaping, as it is very different to normal hairdressing, they will need to use thinning scissors to shape and reduce your wig, we do offer this service to all our clients at our clinic.

Human hair wigs can be cut, styled, lo-lighted/coloured by your hairdresser, but be sure she has skills to customise and shape your wig. Our care clinic offers this service to all our clients.

Can I colour my synthetic wig?
No, synthetic wigs are non-porous and colour can not penetrate the fibre.

How often should I wash my wig/toupee?
If worn daily wash every 10-14 days otherwise once a month is okay. See our after-care instructions for more details on fibre wigs/human wigs after care:

Can I wash my fibre wig in normal shampoo & conditioner?
It is not recommended but all our fibre hair products are designed for the specific needs of fibre wigs and toupees.

Can I use every day shampoo & conditioner on my human hair wig?
We recommend you use shampoo and conditioners for dry and damaged hair, as they have higher levels of moisterising ingredients in them. Our online products page, has a lovely range aimed for human hair wigs (Joico, Kpack). We personally use this product in our salon and clinic, it is highly recommended.

Can I swim in my wig?
This is a tricky one, we cannot guarantee everyday swimming will not damage your wig, but I have many clients who do swim in them, from their experience they use their old wigs for swimming and try to keep the hair out of the water where possible.

My wig is too big for my head can it be made smaller?
It is possible to alter your wig and we do offer this service in our clinic should you require our service. However, please make sure you have adjusted your tightning belts inside your wig/hairpieces. For more information on our sizing services, please call salon for details.

My fibre hair wig has lost its curl can you help?
As long as your wig/hairpiece is in good condition we may be able to re-set it for you (for further details contact the salon/clinic) also make sure you are following the correct after care guide to maintain your curls.

I would like to come to your clinic how do I find you?
A map is available on our contact page If you get lost then please give us a call and we will give you directions on how to find the clinic. The clinic is easy to find with plenty of on-road parking available.

Will my new hair blow off in the wind?
If you tighten the “adjusting belt” inside your wig/hairpiece this should suffice, or you can use toupee tape for extra security and confidence and support. We sell toupee tape if you need it.

Is it true synthetic fibre wigs don’t like heat?
It is not possible to use heat on fibre wigs as this will destroy the fibre, so please always wash in cold tap water and dry naturally away from direct heat. Avoid drying on radiators and in hot airing cupboards as this will flatten your wig/hairpiece, also avoid opening oven doors, getting too near a barbecue or sitting under patio heaters as this will shrink your wig/hairpiece.

How can I keep the shape of my curly wig?
You can use rollers whilst drying your wig, helping it keep its natural shape and body.

I am interested in a custom made wig/toupee, how long do they take to make?
For full details on custom made wigs and hairpieces, please contact our clinic/salon, we can offer you a “one to one” appointment with our wig fitter who can talk you through all the stages of your unique custom made hair replacement, but approximately it can take three months from start to finish.

Do you sell toupees?
Yes we sell a range of hair replacement systems and toupees but you will need a one to one appointment to enable us to choose the correct size and colours for your needs, a further appointment will be necessary to customise your hair replacement to your requirements.

Do you have terms and conditions?
For more information please read our terms and conditions here