Angela's Story

Positive Image ClinicI remember when the thought of losing my hair was almost as crippling and frightening as the cancer that was invading my body.

Whilst the cancer itself did not cause hairloss, the treatment and chemotherapy did. The side effects causing my hair to fall out effected my confidence. I felt ugly. I had in my mind that I would be left with a bald shiny head and I felt vulnerable and naked.

My mind working overtime imagining the worst I finally took courage and removed my hair, and my surprise at not being totally bald as I had imagined, I still had a covering of hair that eventually would disappear but gradually, allowing me time to adjust to my changing appearance.

As a mother, hairdresser, in a new relationship and also being a professional singer image was everything, or so I thought. I did not realise how the impact of losing my hair was to effect me or how my journey on searching for a wig, was to become a traumatic experience and how through my own experience of trying to find a wig would set me on a path that would change my life forever.

My determination and positive attitude would in itself carve out my new found vocation,

How in all my years of hairdressing was it, that only on losing my own hair would I see the bigger picture, and how it would have such a profound impact on me, to the extent that I would find myself a year later selling my home and opening my new salon & wig clinic.

I knew I could offer a personalised service customising wigs to the individual needs of my clients with the sensitivity & dignity that all my customers deserve. My dream became a reality; my Positive Image Clinic was born.
I was soon to realise hair loss was to come in many forms such as, alopecia, chemotherapy treatments, lupus, tricolatilliamania, male pattern baldness, thinning of hair, trans gender dysphoria, scars, burns, to name but a few, and my search for the highest quality wigs and products, taking me all over the world, being trained by the best wig designers in the industry, training in the UK, Thailand and the USA.

I soon realised that hair loss didn’t just affect the head; it also affected the eyebrows and lashes,

I was always being asked could I do anything to help, other than stencils and false lashes there seemed no permanent solution.

Then I was introduced to semi – permanent cosmetics & medical tattoo

After lots of research I found nouveau contour, you just know when you have found the right place. Managing Director Karen Betts, Sue Farley, Nilam Patel, Cathy Brown, became my one to one trainers each training me to different levels, until eventually I became an elite trainer in semi permanent cosmetics and medical tattoo, I am now very proud to be part of the Nouveau Contour team assisting and teaching permanent & medical cosmetics.

A little self belief goes a long way.