Top Pieces & Hair Pieces

Long Mono

Long Mono by Amore

Medium Mono

Medium Mono by Amore

ROP Halo

ROP Halo by Rene of Paris

New Addition

New Addition by Rene of Paris

Long Topper

Long Topper by Rene of Paris

Medium Topper

Medium Topper by Rene of Paris


Berlin by Noriko


Milan by Noriko

Was £248.89 £224.00

Septimo by Trendco

Fringe Flair

Fringe Flair by Amore

Was £73.89 £66.50
Lola (Fibre)

Lola (Fibre) by Trendco

Lola (Human Hair)

Lola (Human Hair) by Trendco

Gem Hair Enhancer

Gem Hair Enhancer by Trendco

Gem Parting Enhancer

Gem Parting Enhancer by Trendco

Gem Large Enhancer

Gem Large Enhancer by Trendco