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Gem Hair Enhancer

Gem Hair Enhancer

Gem Hair Enhancer

The Gem Hair Enhancer supplements hair in the front, top and crown areas where hair loss may be more noticeable. It is also great as a highlighter for adding volume.

Size: 5 × 5.5 inches
Hair Length: 9 inches

Gem Enhancements

Gem Enhancements have been designed for thinning top hair and provide an easy to attach solution which is ideal for everyday wear.

Both the Hair Enhancer and the Parting Enhancer pieces are constructed with a handmade monofilament base and our beautiful human hair. They are available in a range of colours and come supplied with snap lock clips which attach the new hair securely to your existing hair. The pieces also come un-styled so they can be personalized to suit you, ensuring a seamless integration with your own hair.

Please note that any grey content in these pieces is synthetic and not human hair.